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Salesforce Training

Over the last couple of years, various Cloud Computing technologies have hit the market. Among them Salesforce has made one of the biggest impacts and it evolving and growing at a rapid pace. So what is Salesforce?

Before the Salesforce era, CRM solutions were generally hosted on a company’s own servers and this was an expensive proposition. In addition to the capital costs involved, it was a laborious process and could take even years to set up. Even after it was set up, it was generally a complicated system to use.

To solve this problem, affordable Software called Salesforce hit the market and it was offered online as a service. This is the core of the Salesforce solution for Customer Relationship Management or CRM. Due to its versatility, it has grown rapidly to become the fifth largest software in use worldwide.

What made Salesforce a big hit in the market?

It was the advent of Cloud Computing in a big way that made Salesforce a big hit in the market. It replaced the lengthy installation process of a CRM by moving it to the internet. This eliminated the need for long term contracts or licensing, and replaced it with the $50 monthly subscription fee that Salesforce charges. It not only made CRM solutions affordable, it made it simple.

Advantages of using Salesforce

One of the main reasons Salesforce became a big hit is its focus on customer oriented thinking. It used an ecosystem in which all the customer data converges, thus linking customer service, account management, marketing and sales etc., in an easy to understand manner from the customer viewpoint.

Some of the advantages of Salesforce are:

Salesforce is flexible and adaptable to customer needs

Due to its high degree of adaptability and flexibility, it is an ideal CRM solution for a customer’s needs. The customer had the option of setting their own page layouts, workflows and processes. This made the Salesforce ecosystem flexible compared to other platforms.

Easy to Manage the Salesforce ecosystem

The Salesforce ecosystem is easy to manage. It takes only a relatively small number of IT staff to implement changes pertaining to the admin side. The need for only minimal staff makes for huge cost savings, as well as increased efficiency of the organization.

Many apps give a lot of options to choose from

A business can purchase various apps online from AppExchange. This means, in addition to the functions created in-house, a business also has the latitude to purchase other apps for different functionalities

4 Standard API Links

Another advantage is that in addition to the many apps in AppExchange, which can be incorporated into Salesforce immediately, many of the suppliers to Salesforce offer API links as standard. You can choose the API link suitable to you, from the choice of links offered by various suppliers to Salesforce.

It is the largest web based platform in use

Salesforce, by reason of its ease of use and resultant popularity, is now the world’s largest ecosystem. It is continuously evolving and developing by some of the finest developers in the IT world. This means, users will have the best and most up to date tooling available at his fingertips. Also, the user will have a vast range of applications at their disposal.

Salesforce offers tremendous job opportunities as a career choice

Ever since it became one of the most popular cloud platforms, the job opportunities in the field of Salesforce, have increased tremendously and it keeps on growing year on year. With such a tremendous opportunity, staring a student right in the face, it is the right time to opt for training in Salesforce as a career choice. To get a good job, proper training and certification is essential.

Our organisation, JPM Edu Solutions, has been in the forefront of IT training for many years. Over the years, we have built up a reputation as an Institute of excellence. Our staff has pooled their rich experience, both theoretical and practical, to good use and has come up with the Salesforce Training in Chennai.

Once trained in our Salesforce Training Course in Chennai, students can confidently stride into an interview and get a job. This is because Salesforce Certification training in Chennai uses a step by step approach to training, which gives the student a thorough grounding in Salesforce

As a policy, we charge only moderate fees since our goal is training young minds properly and this comes first. Commercial aspects of training come a distant second. You may require clarification about our Salesforce Course training in Chennai. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call +91 7550194475. We will be glad to give you career counselling. We also believe in helping you with placements. When you choose to attend Salesforce training in Chennai, you have taken the first step in a satisfying career choice.

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