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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Course

Cloud Computing has taken over from the usual set up available. Due to intense competition, prices offered by Amazon Web Service, has hit rock bottom. It is now affordable and very cost effective for businesses, both big and small.

AWS training in Chennai provides a host of services in the cloud such as security, computing power, database storage facility, content delivery and other functionalities. All these services put together will help a business to scale up its operations easily and in a short span of time. Lot of web developers are taking advantage of the AWS cloud products and solution by using them to build sophisticated apps which offer flexibility, reliability and scalability. It is a very useful and reliable service and its popularity among businesses has soared.

What are the top benefits of using the AWS cloud platform?

Compared to popular belief that Amazon Web Services can be afforded only by big businesses, all businesses who migrate to AWS will find that there is zero capital expenditure. This gives a level playing field to start-ups, to have high end technology available, without any capital expenditure.

All the services offered by Amazon Web Services, come without any commitment fee. There is no monthly subscription fee. In fact, server backed services are available on an hourly basis, which means, as soon as you stop using the server, your billing stops too.

A business need not negotiate with Amazon Web Services, for any of their products or services. They have reduced their prices more than thirty times in the last couple of years and a business can be sure to get the lowest possible rates in the market. By using third party tools such as Cloudability, CloudCheckr etc., it is possible to optimise costs incurred in using AWS.

To set up a new server will take a minimum of one week. However, when you use Amazon Web Services, it takes only a few minutes to start using a new server. You need not bother about separate licences for the operating systems, software etc.

One of the greatest advantages of Amazon Web Services is the ‘pay per use’ model for charging customers. From the vast array of services on offer, the business need only use what it wants and pay only as per actual usage.

Amazon Web Service has installed a highly secure infrastructure, both for physical assets as well as when interacting using the internet. They constantly upgrade their security protocols. Some of the features of the security system in place are:

The data centres are guarded round the clock and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis.

They have installed data centres in multiple centres across continents. They will provide back-up in almost all disaster scenarios.

A business can build its own firewall to restrict access or use a combination of both theirs and AWS’s.

There will be a trail of all users and it can be tracked

It uses encrypted data storage.

Amazon Web Services a high level of flexibility. You can use the auto-scaling provision to auto increase or decrease your needs depending on actual usage. Using Amazon Machine Images, you can replicate clones of your website across multiple locations without the need of going through the set-up stage again and again.

As you can see, Amazon Web Service is one of the most versatile and cost effective cloud services available in the market. Due to this, businesses are using the AWS cloud platform in droves. This has led to an explosion of jobs based on AWS.

It is a very good career choice and you can take advantage of it by joining our Amazon Web Services training in Chennai. To get a good job in the industry, you must get good training and this is why you should join our Institute for Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in Chennai.

Our Institute, JPM Edu Solutions, has been in the field of IT training for many years. Over the years we have been recognised by the industry as one of the best training Institutions in the IT field. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Courses in Chennai has been put together by our highly experienced staff. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification training in Chennai will take you through a step by step process and at the end of the course; you will be highly proficient in AWS. In addition to charging only moderate fees, we have a flexible timetable to suit most students.

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