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Openstack Training

Openstack is a set of software tools which helps building and managing cloud computing platforms, both for public and private clouds. It has the backing of some of the biggest names in software development and hosting. In addition to this, it has hundreds of individual members, who are committed to further developing and improving Openstack.

How does Openstack work?

The platform lets users deploy virtual machines to enable them to operate in a cloud environment. In this setup, horizontal scaling is easy, tasks can be run concurrently and it can be increased or decreased on demand. If a mobile App is in communication with a remote server, it can handle multiple users in different platforms and can be scaled up or down as the need arises. In the Openstack environment, software runs as a service, using scalable servers, rather than use the end-users computers.

Openstack components

Nova – It is the primary computing engine powering the Openstack.

Swift – In Openstack, it is the storage system for files and objects. The User can identify the files by using a unique identifier.

Cinder – It is the block storage system somewhat akin to accessing specific locations of a drive.

Neutron – It provides the networking capability of the Openstack system.

Horizon – It functions as the dashboard of Openstack. It is the only Graphical Interface for the system and those trying out Openstack, will actually see Horizon.

Keystone – It shows how the entire system is being used. It has a central list of users mapped against the services available and permission for use.

Glance – This provides the back-up or virtual copies of hard disks.

Ceilometer – It provides telemetry services in the Openstack system. It is used to provide billing services for the users plus it will maintain a verifiable account system for each user.

Heat – It is used to manage and regulate the infrastructure needed for the cloud service to function.

When a User opens an App, without knowing it he may be using Openstack. This is because Companies are increasingly adapting Openstack as a cloud toolkit. There are many advantages using Openstack. Some of them are:

It is open source software – It is the largest open source project ever undertaken till date. It uses a combination of computing supported by networking and storage sub-systems. Being open source, you can modify your API’s to suit the needs of your business. There is a community of more than two hundred developers, who are constantly innovating and improving Openstack. This enables you to get tailor made solutions to suit your needs.

Hybrid cloud – Many businesses are using a hybrid cloud and this trend is gaining popularity day by day. Many of the large Corporations are adapting to the hybrid cloud using the Openstack system

Orchestration – This is the reason that has allowed Infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS] to break free from a confined environment. Orchestration enables the following:

Enables auto provisioning of specific application requirements

Enables multi-tier distributed applications which require only intermittent resources

It enables Openstack to run proven technologies

It can deploy containers using orchestration engines

It has the ability to increase workload density in a Openstack environment

Career Prospects as an Openstack Developer

Since cloud computing is being adopted, more as the norm rather than the exception, the job prospects as an Openstack Developer have literally exploded. The authoritative ‘BSA Global Cloud Scorecard’ reports that worldwide there will be millions of developers required to meet the demand. In India, a career in Openstack is an exciting and rewarding option.

Openstack Training in Chennai

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