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WHY YOU CHOOSE Cloudskills ?

In the beginning of the internet age, the process was rather slow. Net speed and bandwidth was limited, but nevertheless, businesses started realizing the huge potential of the World Wide Web. Suddenly, it became possible to sell products all over the globe with relative ease. Businesses poured in millions of dollars in resources to create servers, back-ups and what not. Yes, business increased, but the cost of ownership was on the high side.

Then along came the next innovation in server ownership - cloud service providers, with a pay as you use model. When competition among cloud service providers became intense, prices dropped and suddenly such services became affordable to even small and medium businesses. This level playing field saw many businesses increase their business dealings manifold. Jobs in this sector exploded exponentially and are yet growing at a scorching pace.

These advantages meant that more and more businesses migrated to using Cloud Computing Services. As more businesses accepted the services of Cloud Service Providers, there was a dramatic increase in the number of jobs available for those who have certification in Cloud Computing.

Our Organization, JPM Edu Solutions, has been in the forefront of IT Training for many years. We offer an excellent course in Cloud Computing. This course has been put together by our staff, having many years of expertise in Cloud Computing, both theoretical as well as the best practices in the industry.

Each step in our Cloud Computing Course in Chennai, takes you to the next step, in an easy to understand and logical manner. Once the Trainer is sure that the student is thorough, then he is taken to the next level. This easy to understand method means, students undergoing our Cloud Computing training in Chennai, get maximum advantage from the course.

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Saleforce Training

We are the Leading Saleforce training Institue in Chennai

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Amazon Training

Looking for the Amazon Web Services training in Chennai

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Learn Cloud Computing ?

Advantages of Cloud Computing over traditional models

  • Almost zero capital investment
  • Very reliable service
  • Offers plenty of redundancy
  • Minimizes the need for in-house infrastructure
  • You need to pay only for the services used
  • Bandwidth required can be scaled up almost immediately

What can be expected from the Cloud Computing training in Chennai

Students who have taken our Cloud Computing Training Course in Chennai have gone on to get Cloud certification without a hitch. They felt so confident after attending the course, that interviews they attended were easy, which lead them to good placements. Even at the work place, they knew exactly what was wanted of them and fit into the job just like a glove fitting a hand.

Our Cloud Computing training in Chennai is a course which is well suited to those wishing to aspire for a career in Cloud Computing. Since the number of well paid jobs is increasing, it will be a wise career choice for any student interested in the IT field. There are thousands of jobs available in the Cloud Computing industry and the number is growing rapidly year on year.

Other IT courses offered in our Institute

Many years ago, when we decided to set up an Institute for IT training, it was our goal to make it an outstanding training institute. By perseverance and had work, we have climbed to the top. As a part of our commitment to our students, we charge only moderate and affordable fees. We also have a flexible timetable to suit the convenience of most students. We offer lots of IT related courses.

Some of the courses on offer are: Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure & Saleforce. All these courses are popular with students

You may require further information and career counselling. You are welcome to contact us at [email protected] or call +91 7550194475, we will be glad to hear from you. Make the right career choices with us.

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